Between Athens and Benares

Enlightenment? Western self-narrative and return of the repressed


Between Europeans, Semites, Egyptians and Indians: Rehabilitating the Greeks! [counters temporarily disabled]

Between sacrificial Austratic buffalo and Indo-European war-horse: Bull sports across the Mediterranean belt

Etymologizing in Sumero-Tamil, Sanskrit & Indo-European: Is ‘comparative linguistics’ just a genocidal ‘scientific’ joke? [counters temporarily disabled]

Alexandros Adamopoulos (French, Friends)

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Bharat Gupt (Benares, Friends)

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Christian Bouchet

Dmitry V. Shlapentokh (Eurasia, Mecca)

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Check out Dmitry's entire list of publications (24 Aug 2007)

Iran's practical nationalism (06 June 2007; Asia Times Online [ATO]) [external]

An appeal for empire, Theology of Discontent by Hamid Dabashi (19 May 2007) [external]

The Decline of American power; After the Empire by Emmanuel Todd (3/2005; [external]

The first encounter: A different interpretation of the Greek-Persian wars (09 Sep 2006) []

Changing perceptions; Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of its Enemies (02 July 2005, ATO) [external]

Edward Moore

Joseph Martin

Lida Shantala

Nick J. Allen (français)

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Paola E. Raffetta (español)

Sumi Sivaratnam (Esoteric Philosophy)