Favorite Quotes from Jeff Conklin

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"VIMS facilitators allow the intelligence and learning of the group to emerge organically. Instead of agendas and control, the groupís energy is reflected and channeled in a self-correcting way by each personís ability to see, in the structure of the VIMS map, how their own comments contribute to the coherence and order of the groupís thinking. VIMS is a new paradigm of facilitation and meeting process."

- Jeff Conklin (http://www.gdss.com/lt/VIMSbrochure.html)


"Managing an opportunity-driven process, you look for the opportunities for breakthroughs, synergies, connections, and allies. You drive for making decisions quickly, even before the team is ready, because you know that decisions and partial solutions will flush out new aspects of the problem. [...] You use meetings as occasions for learning and building shared mental models. You welcome disagreement as a sign that your stakeholders are putting their cards on the table. [...] you manage the scope of the problem. You determine which stakeholders to include in the process, and how to include them. You also choose which constraints to be ruled by, which to bend, and which to ignore." (http://www.gdss.com/wp/wicked.htm)


"As the global economy heats up, there is more and more pressure on knowledge workers to collaborate, to innovate, to make decisions, and to do all of this faster than ever. At the same time, sweeping social changes are disaggregating many knowledge workers, forcing them to work together at a distance, with few opportunities for face-to-face interaction. Telecommuting, multi-organization projects, executives who are frequently on the road, branch offices across a large organization or government agency, and the use of remote consultants and scientific experts all conspire to place new demands on teams of knowledge workers and on knowledge networks."

Jeff Conklin et al. (http://www.gdss.com/wp/ecology.html)