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C.K. Raju
CK Raju - head The Eleven Pictures of Time
CK Raju - Abdul Kalam

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C. K. Raju
Christian propaganda in Stephen Hawking's work
Christian propaganda in Stephen Hawking's work
Mathematics in Relation to History, Culture, Technology
Michael Atiyah petition
Music  East West
Time Travel and the Reality of Spontaneity
Âtman, Quasi-Recurrence, and Paticca Samuppâda
The Religious Roots of Western Mathematics
Electrodynamic 2-body problem and quantum mechanics
The Indian Rope Trick: Rope versus Compass Box
Computers, Mathematics Education and the Alternative Epistemology of the Calculus in the Yuktibhasa
Mathematics and Culture ()
How and Why the Calculus was Imported Into Europe
Why Deduction is More Fallible than Induction: Ending the tyranny of Western Metaphysics in Mathematics & Science
Goodbye Euclid!
Non-western logic
Benedict's maledicts
Indian origins of calculus
Math wars and the epistemic divide in mathematics
Sidebar for Dia-Gnosis TOC
Technology, globalization, culture - 21st century marketing
Bouwe Doeven - svAbhinava profile
CK Raju - Christian propaganda in Stephen Hawking's work
Politics of Iconophilia
Politics of Nature
Flame warriors [in progress]
Politics of Iconophilia
Flame warriors [in progress]
Latour: Modernity & Nature
André-Yves Portnoff Bouwe Doeven
Denis Poncelet  
Jack Park Jack Paulus
Jeff Conklin Michel Biezunski
Raju, C. K. Stuart Sovatsky
Sunthar Visuvalingam