Publications (partial list)


Your Perfect Lips  (Pariyanga South Indian Tantra) iUniverse, 2006, recommended by John Welwood

“Hinduism in America” in Columbia University Desk Companion on Eastern Religion (ed. R Thurman, contracted)

“Pariyanga, Erotic Joy” in Writings on Joy (ed. D. Deslaurier, in press)

Words From the Soul: Time, East/West Spirituality and Psychotherapeutic Narrative

    SUNY Press, Recommended by Ken Wilber

Eros, Consciousness & Kundalini . Inner Traditions,; Indian edition, Motilal Banarsidas,

    Russian edition (2007). Endorsed by Ken Wilber, Georg Feuerstein   

Chapters in Indian Psychology textbooks: “Goddess Worship and Child’s Consciousness,”

    “Sacred Family Psychology”

Introduction to Timothy Leary's Psychedelic Prayers. (online) Ronan Press

“Eros as Mystery: Toward A Transpersonal Sexology/Procreativity” JTransPsy 1985

“Clinical Forms of Love” JTransPsy 2005

"Spirituality & Psychotherapy: The Matter of Separation Anxiety" in Inter J Transp Studies 

“Psychopathology & Religious Issues” in Rev Existential Psychiatry & Psychology invited submission

"Tantra Yoga" in Yoga Actuel (Germany) invited submission

"Energetic Origins of Hathayoga" for Yoga Research Institute (

"Clinical Contemplations on Impermanence” Review of  Existential Psychology & Psychiatry

"Yogic Alchemy”, “Kundalini: Breakthrough or Breakdown?" in Yoga Journal

Grants: 1978 Socialization of Chronic Psychiatric Patients, $30,000; 1978 Psychiatric

     Deinstitutionalization, $57,000; 1977 Meditation in Inner City Schools, $3000

“Sahaja Yoga”


Presentations, Academic Distinctions, Recordings (partial list)


Co-convener, World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality, India, 2008 

Planning group, Love and Terror Conference, Freiburg, Germany, 2007

Europe Spiritual Psychology Conference, Loire, France, Pariyanga Tantra Yoga, 2006

Europe Spiritual Psychology Conference, Moscow, Russia, Tantra Yoga, Marriage Therapy, 2005

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Guest Lecturer on Kundalini Yoga, 2003

Sponsored Paper, “Goddess Worship and Child’s Consciousness,” University of Pune, India, 2005

Advisor, Presenter, “Rare Tantric Ritual Arts,” Kerala, India, 2004

Recording “Indra’s Net” 2nd in world World Fusion list, May 2006

Co-convener with Robert A F Thurman, Indic Wisdom Roundtable, Columbia University, 2002

Consultant, Yoga Psychology Task Force, Pondicherry, India, 2002

Lead Inaugural Panelist, 13th International Vedanta Conference, University of Miami-Ohio, 2002

Convener, first International Prison Yoga & Meditation Conference, 2001

Co-President of Association for Transpersonal Psychology 2001-08

Research Fellow, Transpersonal Graduate Consortium; Faculty Research Award, JFK University

Fairleigh Dickinson, MA 1977, Thesis: Yoga & Delinquency excerpted in Inside Out Prison Ashram Project

Princeton University, AB 1971, Senior Thesis: Nietzsche and Buddhism: Self and No-Self

Princeton Club of Rochester four year academic scholarship, 1967-71

Calif Inst Integral Studies, PhD, 1984, dissertation Eros as Mystery lead article in (1) 84 J Transpersonal Psychology

Ram Dass Prison Yoga Project, First Candidate, Clinical Director, 1977

NJ Law Enforcement Grant for first use in US of yoga with incarcerated youth, 1975

Assistant Professor, Clinical Supervisor, California. Institute of Integral Studies, 1987-present

Funded Conference Presentations

“Goddess Worship and Child’s Consciousness,” University Pune, India

 “Kundalini & Consciousness,” University of AZ, Tucson, Science of Consciousness

 “Psychosis & Meditation” Hyderabad, India

 “Grihasthya, Family Life as Spiritual Path,” Kharagpur India (in absentia)

 “Buddhism and Yoga,” Kripalu Center

  “Yoga and Consciousness,” Chennai, India

 “Culture of Enlightenment,” Menla Institute (Robert Thurman, Convener)

Trustee, California Institute of Integral Studies, 1986-87, 1991-present

Peer Referee, State University of New York Press. Review MS by Ram Dass, C. Basch

Advisory Board Member, Georg Feuerstein's Yoga Research Institute

1994-99 Vice-President, International Kundalini Research Network

Marital Therapist with 30 years experience

Axis Mundi chantmaster,  for CDs