Free Enterprise (svâtantrya)


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Here are articles submitted by friends that are worthy of discussion though we may not subscribe to them in part (or even in full). The primary criterion for inclusion is that the submitter genuinely holds these beliefs and is willing to enter into dialogue with others, who are likewise attempting to get to the bottom of the issues. Wherever relevant, background notes on the friend and on the article have also been provided. Sunthar may have also added his own, hopefully measured, comments on the main argument. You'll find the correspondence (not only around these articles), at the Abhinavagupta (or other relevant) forum. Some of these dialogues—often multilogues—have been compiled, edited and reformatted into digests that are enumerated as hyperlinks within the last (Dialogues) item under participant's name below. Contributors should feel free to modify their views in the light of the evolving discussions.


Flame-warriors on the Internet:

André-Yves Portnoff (French)

Fred Gratzon


Jeff Conklin

Paul Wilson (friends)

Raphael Joseph (Benefactors)


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