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Wendy Doniger Krishna-Arjuna
Sidebar for Hindu Civilization Dialogues TOC
Indic Civilization | Abhinava Philosophy
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Sexuality, Caste, & Acculturation in Kerala
Hindu Ethics & Transgressive Sacrality (TS)
Comparative ethics, ritual norms, and TS
Anthropology, psychoanalysis, semiotics
Ganesha: psychoanalysis, Hindu wisdom and TS
Shivalinga a phallic symbol?
Serpent worship
Hinduism=religion? dharma & transcendence
Hindutva? religion, nationalism & secularism
Does Hinduism exist?
Society & Culture
Caste, racism, assimilation, multiculturalism
Nudity, Bollywood, and the Hindu Eros
Sexuality, Caste, & Acculturation in Kerala
Indology & Politics of Knowledge
Representing God: the politics of iconophilia
Wendy Doniger: hermeneutics of Hindu myth
Vedic Science? Hindutva - POMO dia-gnosis
Language & Aesthetics
Sanskrit dead? vernacular & the cosmopolis
Sanskrit: grammatical & political correctness
Etymology in Tamil, Sanskrit, Indo-European
Rasa Ecumenism
Prehistory & Ethnogenesis
Ethnogenesis of Indus-Sarasvat civilization
Dravidians: Africans, Meluhhans, Indo-Arya?
Aryan Invasion versus Out-of-India Theories
Religious Syncretism & Conflict
Politics of Iconophilia: idolatry, iconoclasm, God
God’s image in the mirror of Self- Recognition
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