McKim Marriott

Hindu Civilization

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McKim Marriott (PhD, U Chicago 1955) was Professor of Anthropology and of Social Sciences in the Dept. of Anthropology till he retired in June 1998. He has researched villagers and urbanites of India and professionals of both South Asia and Japan. Finding that Western categories often present obstacles to understanding peoples of these and other areas, he is constructing alternative social sciences for studying differing cultural realities, using formal modeling and simulations.

[Elizabeth and I were first introduced to Kim by our mutual friend Al Collins in June 2009. We subsequently met not only durin Al's regular visits to Chicago, but also at various, especially South Asia related, events at the University of Chicago. We regularly discuss not only Kim's ongoing theorizing of Sânkhya cosmology and its (continuing) relevance to Indian categories of thought, but also the work of related scholars. - Sunthar (webmaster and editor)]

McKim Marriott

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