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Narsi Patel is a sociology professor emeritus at Indiana State University currently residing in Terre Haute, Indiana. Professor Patel was born and raised in Gujarat, India to a farming family. His family was involved in the Indian Independence Movement when he was a young adult. As for his educational and work background in India, he was a teacher and a journalist. He decided to come to the United States to study sociology at the University of Kentucky. After earning his PhD., he was appointed to a professorship at Indiana State University and remained in America to raise his family. His daughter is happily married to an American man. His poems were originally written as personal advice to his adult son, when the latter was going through a critical phase in life. Professor Patel still identifies nostalgically with India, keenly aware of what he gained and lost by moving to the United States.

Elizabeth and I first met Narsi and his family, while visiting their close friends, Félix and Aurora Ilarraz, in Terre Haute, Indiana, at the end of December 1985. I had been invited to speak on Indian philosophy at Indiana State University (ISU), where both Narsi and Félix were teaching. We subsequently met each time we visited Terre Haute, especially after my moving to Indianapolis in late 1993 and before the Ilarraz returned for good to Spain in 1995 (?). Our contact was renewed on ? 2010, when we were invited to attend the India Development Conference at ISU, where Aurora was an honored guest speaker.- Sunthar

Narsi Patel

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