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Sidebar Portrait for Abhinavagupta's Conception of Humor
 Great brahmin ntychryaCyber-Vidshaka
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Sidebar TOC for Transgressive Sacrality
Abhinava's Conception of Humor
Hindu Civilization | svAbhinava | Aesthetics
Reworked Thesis
Examiner REVIEWS
Kalidas Bhattacharya A.K. Chatterjee
FBJ Kuiper (corresp.) M.C. Byrski
 Dept. of Philosophy Vice-Chancellor
Lee Siegel  Alf Hiltebeitel
Introduction (español) | Abstract
1. Defining Humor 2. Gurdjieff's theory
3. Bisociation 4. Distress
5. Suddenness 6. Incongruity
7. Hâsa and Hâsya 8. Love & Humor
9. Humor Semblance 10. Wit & Ambiguity
Conclusion  Appendix  Glossary Bibliography
Bisociation: enigmatic humor & Internet pedagogy
La concepción del humor en Abhinavagupta
Frage nach Funktion & Wesen des Humors
Le sens de l'humour chez Abhinavagupta