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Peter Chang PhD thesis (Harvard)
Institute of China Studies, Univ. Malaya (15 Aug 2017)
Beijing human rights forum (SCMP 21 Dec 2017)
Goa summit primed for China-India cooperation (13 Oct. 2016)
A Pivotal Turn in Global Climate Governance (Nov. 2013)
Maritime Security & International Cooperation in East Asia & Indo-Pacific Region (Jan 2012)
Sino-Indian Friendship Forerunner Kumārajīva (Jan 2012)
China & India are True Friends (Oct. 2009)
Singapore to Help Revive Nalanda (Nov. 2006)
Globalization and National Identity (Dec 2004)
Rui Chuanming - Wu Zetian’s Religious Belief (SASS 2003)
Globalization & Revitalization of the Silk Routes (Dec 1999)
Sidebar for Chindia TOC
Chindia | Abhinavagupta | Benares
Rise of the Asian Giants: Dragon-Elephant Tango &
Editor's Foreword by Patricia Uberoi
Eliminate the "Clash of Civilizations/Darkness"
Who should fear China? (updated dialogue)
Dragon-Elephant Tango: publicity, foreword
India & China: Front Matter, Introduction, Conclusion
Eliminate the "Clash of Civilizations/Darkness"
Who should fear China?
Chinese Civilization: Resilience and Challenges
India and China: from brotherhood to partnership
Chinese fangshen & Indian yoga: two idiographic models
Dunhuang Art Through the Eyes of Duan Wenjie
In the Footsteps of Xuanzang: Tan Yun-Shan and India
Tan Yun-shan - A historical Role / life-sketch
Cultural Interchange between India and China
My Devotion to Tagore / My first visit to Gandhiji
Ahimsa in Sino-Indian Culture
Introduction to the Sino-Indian Cultural Society
Who should fear China?
Chindia (Friends)
Asia-21 Alain Lamballe
Bhadrakumar, M. K. Catherine Bouchet-Orphelin
Catherine Chalier Dmitry V. Shlapentokh
Gautam Sen Makarand Paranjape
Patrick Laude Rajiv Malhotra
Sunthar Visuvalingam Vinod Saighal
Yin Xinan