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...might perhaps just as well have been baptized "Romanisthan" (but then do we really need a separate homeland for the the Roma to flourish?), "Indo-Romani Studies" (but ours is not an exclusively, nor even primarily, academic meeting of minds), or "Indo-Romani Heritage" (but wouldn't the Indian legacy, even if willingly assumed, be construed and evaluated differently by each Roma?). These notices submitted by Joaquín Albaicín from their common Roma heritage in their personal initiatives that also engage the specific culture of their different host societies. Also offered a sample of (links to) their writings, presented and annotated by Joaquín, that you may comment upon and discuss at the Indo-Roma forum. Authors should feel free to modify their views in the light of the evolving discussions. Researching, questioning, disseminating and reviving this heritage has been a major axis of my own writings, travels and related endeavors, and is reflected not only in the orientation of the selections and notes on this homepage, but also in the fact of its affiliation to the parent svAbhinava site that is devoted to an acculturation model of Indian culture. However, this 'catholic' homepage is keen to accommodate opposing points of view, so long as their proponents are genuinely committed to dialogue and, hopefully, to active collaboration on behalf of our shared future.


Caste, racism, assimilation, and multiculturalism: 1. Pollution and sacrifice among the Roma (Nov 2000 - 2007) [counters temporarily disabled]

Agnes Daróczi (español)

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Aparna Rao and Michael Casimir (español)

Deyan Kolev (español)

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Gypsy legends collected in Bulgaria (2005) - Spanish

Dileep Karanth (Hindu Civilization)

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Foreword to Danger! Educated Gypsy: Selected Essays by Ian Hancock (November 2010)

Hans Caldaras (español)

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Joaquín Albaicín (friends, español)

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On the Origin of the Roma - talk [2001] (español)

The so-called " holy war"  in Kashmir (español)

The Soul of Kletzmer - original Spanish version [counters temporarily disabled]

Are we destined to die in Medzitlija (español)

Interview with Rama Coomaraswamy (español) - May 2003 [counters temporarily disabled]

Dialogues: pollution & sacrifice

Ljatif M. Demir (español)

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The feast of Vasilica among the Roma of Macedonia (romani, español) [counters temporarily disabled]


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Sunny Singh

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Satî: a Question of Religious Freedom - March 2004 [counters temporarily disabled]