Between Jerusalem and Benares

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Here are articles submitted by friends that are worthy of discussion though we may not subscribe to them in part (or even in full). The primary criterion for inclusion is that the submitter genuinely holds these beliefs and is willing to enter into dialogue with others, who are likewise attempting to get to the bottom of the issues. Wherever relevant, background notes on the friend and on the article have also been provided. Sunthar may have also added his own, hopefully measured, comments on the main argument. You'll find the correspondence (not only around these articles), at the Abhinavagupta (or other relevant) forum. Some of these dialogues—often multilogues—have been compiled, edited and reformatted into digests that are enumerated as hyperlinks within the last (Dialogues) item under participant's name below. Contributors should feel free to modify their views in the light of the evolving discussions.


The Politics of Iconophilia: Idolatry, Iconoclasm, and the problem of representing God ( Sep 2006 - ) [counters temporarily disabled]

Aline Mopsik (Friends, French)

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Aline's Paintings  - home, gallery, video presentation by Charles (note) [counters temporarily disabled]

Ari Alexander

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Children of Abraham - Jewish-Muslim dialogue  (2004 photo-essay; fact-sheet) - note [external]

Beirut and Belfast: Two Deeply Divided Cities, their Schools and Post-War Integration [counters temporarily disabled]

 Israel and Anti-Gentile Traditions

Catherine Chalier (⇐ click to see individual profile)

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Charles (and Aline) Mopsik

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Visit site of the Charles Mopsik Association dedicated to his life-work (in French) [external]

Hommage à Charles Mopsik - Une oeuvre intellectuelle en mouvement (Novembre 2013; vidéos du colloque) [externe]

Testimonies: Aline Mopsik (French)
                     Rivon Krygier (French)
                     Jean Baumgarten (French)
                     Chalom ben Avraham ve-Arlette (French)
                     Michel Valensi (French)
                     Moshe Idel   

Union and Unity in Kabbala (and Hindu Tantrism) [1994] - (français) [counters temporarily disabled]

Journal des Études de la Cabale / Journal of Kabbalah Studies - French [external]

Elizabeth Visuvalingam

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Karmic passages: Israeli scholarship on India (book review) - Summer 2009 [counters temporarily disabled]

Do you know the Jews of India? (French) - 198? [pending]

Union and Unity in Hindu Tantrism (with Charles Mopsik) - 1991 [counters temporarily disabled]

Jonathan Garb

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 Power and Kavannah (Intention) in Kabbalah - Ph.D. abstract (2000) [counters temporarily disabled]

 Kinds of Power: Rabbinic Texts and the Kabbalah (2001) [pending]

Moshe Idel

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Check out this bibliography Moshe Idel's works in print (additions) - note [external]

'Unio Mystica' as Criterion: Observations on 'Hegelian' Phenomenologies of Mysticism [external]

False Messiahs: What prompted Jewish messianic zeal in the 16th and 17th centuries? [external]

Challenging the Master: critique of Gershom Scholem (Odenheimer) - note [external]

Dream techniques in Jewish mysticism (2005) [external]

Absorbing Perfections: Kabbalah and Interpretation (review) - note [external]

Pardes: the Quest for Spiritual Paradise in Judaism - note [external]

Report on Idel's visit to Romania in late Feb 2003 - note [external]

Nathan Katz and Ellen Goldberg (Friends)

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 Visit Nathan's Indo-Judaic homepage -note [external]

 Scholar envisions the study of spirituality as a cultural force (Sep. 24, 2005) [external]

 Jerusalem in Benares, Tikkun (date???)

Paul Fenton (Mecca, français)

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  Visit Paul's homepages at the Laboratory for the Study of Monotheisms (CNRS) - note [external]

 Khalwa (Solitary Meditation) as a Spiritual Exercise among the Judeo-Sufis in 13th c. Egypt (Sunthar's lecture-notes)  - 27 January 2011

Sufi-Jewish exchanges down the Ages (Sunthar's lecture-notes)  - 24-26 January 2011 [counters temporarily disabled]

The Exile in the  Maghreb - the Jewish condition in Islam (1148-1912) - French - 25 November 2011 [external]

Scriptural exegesis in Kabbala and Sufism (French video, 26  February 2009) - note [external]

 Lesser and greater Jihad in Sufism and Judaism ( YouTube, Lapis Magazine 2007) - note [external]

The Treatise of the Pool: Al-Mawala Al Hawdiyya (Obadyah Maimonides) - June 1981

Sadia Shepard (Mecca)

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Visit Sadia's homepage for filmography, photos, writing, events, press notes, etc. - note [external]

The Global Family - review of Minal Hajratwala, Leaving India: My Family's Journey from Five Villages to Five Continents

Squalor not Scenery: The Real Roots of the ‘Slumdog’ Protests (20 February 2009) - note [external]

Targeting tolerance in Bombay (04 December 2008) - note [external]

Sunthar Visuvalingam

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 Union and Unity in Judaism and Hinduism (with Charles Mopsik & Elizabeth Visuvalingam) - 1991 [counters temporarily disabled]