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Articles on Transgressive Sacrality, comparative religion, anthropology, and semiotics
Abhinavagupta and the Synthesis of Indian Culture: essays on aesthetics, philosophy, religion
Sunthar's Ph.D. thesis on Abhinavagupta's Conception of Humor plus fresh papers.
Elizabeth's D.Litt. thesis (Terror and Protection) on Bhairava-worship in India and Nepal
Digests of collaborative intercultural thought (multi-logues = samvâda) spanning several years

Outreach - in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Romani, Chinese

Sub-sites hosted by friends featuring their respective circle and focused dialogues
Athens-Benares rediscovering the Asiatic soul of Greece and (post-) modernity of Indian tradition
Chicagoland Desis Directory of Desi resources across Chicagoland and the US Midwest
Chindia (re-) construction of (ancient) civilizational partnership as driving force behind rise of Asia
Dia-Gnosis knowledge management and self-recognition across the Internet or Abhinava on steroids!
Esoteric philosophy post-critical confluence of Western and Indian thought - a Nietzschean Abhinava?
Free Enterprise 'individual' autonomy (svâtantrya) translated into socially responsible capitalism
Galleries of Artists


Hindu-Christ religious faith interiorized, individualized, pluralized or human (history re-) divinized
Hindu Civilization bringing 'Hinduism' up-to-date? Hindutva, (pseudo-) secularism, and svAbhinava
Indo-Roma devoted to rebuilding the cultural bridges between India and the Roma diaspora
Jerusalem-Benares multilateral dialogue between Abrahamic, Hindu, and pan-Asian traditions
Lhasa-Benares Abhinava's transfiguration of the Buddha - Renaissance of Dharma within Hinduism?
Mecca-Benares role of (a revitalized South Asian) Islam in constructing an egalitarian new world order
Primordial Man rediscovering our ontogenic and phylogenic roots among the shamans of Oceania, Africa & Amerindia
Feminism tradition, gender, and transgression - the androgynous (shâkta) God-ess (ardha-nârizvara)
WTC-911 collective representations (Babel), sacrificial violence (Bhairava), and politics of globalization